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David Joiner

Syntra West

Full Stack Developer
- Student.

Project 1
Guessing Game

Flip cards to find matching pairs.

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Project 2
Mastermind Game

Guess the colors in the correct order. White indicates you got a color right, but the position of it wrong. Black indicates both the color and the position of one is correct, but does not indicate which one.

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Project 3
Drawing with Javascript

Select any character on your keyboard, and watch as your hover paints a picture. NOTE: Takes at least a minute to fully load!

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Project 4
Country Flags Game (

Connect Flags with Country.

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Project 5
Pathfinder Character Sheets

Locate your Character and use the interactive sheet to play the game

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Project 6
Trello Board

Add Lists and Reminders using vuedraggable and state-management (Pinia).

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Project 7
BookClub Book Reviews

Leave a review for books we select for the English Book Club

Project 8
Mazer CMS Creation

Post Images, Create Posts about them.